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Guys, your side of the closet might be no bigger than your first-grade cubby hole due to your spouse's shopping, uh, hobby. Or, maybe you've got a spacious man cave of a closet that stands as a shrine to your varsity football years. No matter how much space you're working with, a clean and organized closet is a happy closet - which means no blaming the dog for a mysteriously missing shoe and no accidentally wearing a button-up shirt with a stubborn grease stain to an important client meeting.

Cleaning out your side (or sliver) of the closet is your responsibility. Let's face it: When you leave the task to your significant other, your lucky football jersey might go missing. Consider it payback for washing the reds with the whites.

Here are some expert tips for getting your space in order - without spending big bucks on a whole new closet system.

Take an honest assessment of what you have: Have you heard of the 20-80 rule? People tend to wear about 20 percent of the clothes they own 80 percent of the time, says Barry Izsak, an Austin, Texas-based Certified Professional Organizer ( ).

His rule of thumb for guys: If you haven't worn something in two years or keep saying you'll take it to get repaired or fix the zipper, it's time to part with the item.

"Saving that stuff that you think will come back into style is never a good idea," he says. "The problem is when paisley comes back in style, the width of the tie is going to be different."

If you have some items you're iffy on and not sure whether you want to keep them, turn their hangers backwards and, as you wear the items, turn the hangers back around so they are consistent with the rest of your closet, says Izsak, past president of the National Association of Professional Organizers.

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