Read this article about why realtors need a cleaning company on hand:

For realtors, home staging is essentially just merchandising their product for sale. Buying a home is an emotional decision and effective staging can help to evoke the required emotions in the buyer.   It’s all about making the house feel like a home and yet making it aspirational in a sense ie. it’s a step above the home they currently live in.  People generally move to trade up not to to move sideways. Good staging will increase the likelihood that potential buyers will feel an emotional connection to the home.

Does house cleaning play a role in effective staging? Sure it does! Many realtors rank house cleaning at the top of their must-do list when preparing for potential clients.

It is a good idea to use a maid service for a really good deep cleaning which will get to everything — light fixtures, cabinet doors, baseboards, countertops, grout, and appliances. People do look at these and even if they don’t specifically look at the baseboards, if they’re clean they play their part in creating the overall impression of a well-maintained and cared for home. If the house does not sell immediately it is a good idea to keep cleaning wipes, a duster and swiffer handy for quick pick ups. If the house takes quite a while to sell it may become necessary to bring in a maid service for another standard cleaning.

Another very important aspect is to reduce clutter as much as possible. In a home that is on the market but is still being lived in by the family, this can be a challenge. Children must play and life goes on but having designated spaces to pack away toys where they are out of sight and making it easy for the family to keep the home neat will help with staging. To create space in easy to reach cupboards and storage areas, encourage the family to start packing early and prune those items they no longer need and store those they don’t use daily in boxes in the garage. Reducing the clutter gives the home a feeling of spaciousness which contributes to that emotional feeling you want your buyer to get.

Together with good house cleaning, neat and spacious rooms, a few little decor touches can add the flair and ambiance which will complete the staging of the home.

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