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There are two shows I can turn on any time and I will start cleaning my house without even realizing I'm doing it. It may begin with wiping down a counter, but if it turns out to be a marathon, my whole kitchen will be spotless by the third episode.

Do I need this sort of motivation? Need is a strong word, so, probably not. 
Do I want it? Yes, please.

I have rarely been self-motivated in the cleaning department (my best friend of the last decade would tell you this is an eye-roll worthy understatement) and I love anything that's free or a great deal. It's a dangerous combination, I'll take all the help I can get. Luckily, both of my motivators are readily available for instant viewing on Netflix, whenever I need that extra push.

Bring on the reality tv!

Hoarders: Buried Alive
This one is pretty obvious. Watching people be buried under their own things makes it easy to throw out my things. I have a tendency to collect and, as I recently mentioned, I am not a type A housekeeper. The threat of being avalanched in my own home can feel very real sometimes, even when it's just a pile of clothes I've been meaning to drop off at the local charity thrift for any number of weeks. After about three minutes of watching, those clothes are already dropped off and I have added all the jean skirts and spaghetti strap tank tops I've been harboring due to the delusion that I will somehow magically be 19 all over again some day.

There is now a family joke. Just today, my six year old son has said, "Is this all you're going to watch now? Messy rooms?' When there is clutter leering at me, yes, because I know throwing on Hoarders will get that job done, and usually many more too. That junk drawer will be a well organized, accessible, dream. Those old wine bottles I was going to turn into a chandelier three years ago, and never did, are now properly recycled, and the over flowing box of corks is gone now too. Adios, junk!

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