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Your family can start 2014 the right way with a healthier and happier outlook on life. Having a positive attitude towards the new year will create upbeat energy that the whole family will share and put everyone in a good mood.

The beginning of a new year is the time to start off fresh by trying new things and doing your best to raise a healthy, happy family. founders Brett and Stephanie Parker want to keep spirits high in 2014 while they continue to have fun together as a family. Here are 12 ways your family can stay healthy and happy this ye ar; choose one way each month to gradually introduce change.

1. Set New Year’s Resolutions: By setting up a New Year’s resolution — or even a few of them — as a family, you are showing your family how to create goals for themselves and how to achieve those goals. A resolution to get active or to spend more time with each other will bring you closer together as you support and encourage one another to follow through with your resolution.

2. Healthy Sleep: Most families know that healthy sleep is the foundation of any balanced home. When babies and toddlers don’t get enough sleep, they get cranky and put stress on the entire family.’s Zipadee-Zip sleep garment for babies and toddlers is an ideal sleep solution for babies and toddlers because it keeps them feeling safe, secure, and warm while allowing them to stretch out for comfort. It’s also the perfect solution to transition baby from swaddling which can be a very trying time for parents. For help with sleep training your child, visit the Family Sleep Institute website to find a certified child sleep consultant near you.


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