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A domestic cleaner is someone who will keep your apartment, condo or home clean. A reliable domestic cleaner is very hard to come by these days. A good and reliable domestic is even harder to find and keep.

How do you go about getting a domestic cleaner? There are a lot of agencies that supply cleaning services for your home or apartment. You can call one of these services and tell them what you need as a cleaning service. When you do this you should have an idea of how many rooms you will need cleaned, how often you want the cleaner to come and what you want the cleaner to do in each room.

Not everyone requires a cleaning service to come on a weekly basis. If you want a cleaner on a daily basis you might consider a live in cleaner or domestic help at least during the week. This person would have to have time off, and perhaps you would have to provide meals also. It would be an arrangement you would have to work out with the agency who supplied the cleaner and the cleaner them self. This domestic helper might also take care of any pets and children on a daily basis.

You want a weekly cleaner to come in if you have a larger home especially if you have several children and pets. A smaller home or apartment might get along with a cleaner that comes on a bi-weekly basis. This would depend on your cleaning requirements. Some homes get dirtier than others.

Even having a cleaning come in once a month is workable in most homes. This person or persons could come in once a month. They could do the heavy cleaning like moving furniture to dust and vacuum. They could wash the windows on an evolving basis. This would be a set or a wall of windows each visit. They could probably handle both the inside and outside of one side of the house each visit.

If you do choose a monthly visit by a cleaner you will have to carefully assess what you need cleaned on each visit. Overloading the cleaner will result in a lot of started tasks but none completed. This will cause both the home owner and the cleaner to be unhappy with the situation. And it may also result in losing your house cleaner. And it certainly will not end up in you having a cleaner home.

Whether you have a cleaner on a weekly, bi-weekly or monthly visit you do need a list or schedule of tasks that need to be completed for each visit. Your requirements may change between visits so you may have to update your list on an ongoing basis. Having a task list makes it easier for the cleaner to schedule his or her time so all the tasks are completed at the end of the visit.

If you work with your cleaner, your cleaner will be willing to work with you.

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For realtors, home staging is essentially just merchandising their product for sale. Buying a home is an emotional decision and effective staging can help to evoke the required emotions in the buyer.   It’s all about making the house feel like a home and yet making it aspirational in a sense ie. it’s a step above the home they currently live in.  People generally move to trade up not to to move sideways. Good staging will increase the likelihood that potential buyers will feel an emotional connection to the home.

Does house cleaning play a role in effective staging? Sure it does! Many realtors rank house cleaning at the top of their must-do list when preparing for potential clients.

It is a good idea to use a maid service for a really good deep cleaning which will get to everything — light fixtures, cabinet doors, baseboards, countertops, grout, and appliances. People do look at these and even if they don’t specifically look at the baseboards, if they’re clean they play their part in creating the overall impression of a well-maintained and cared for home. If the house does not sell immediately it is a good idea to keep cleaning wipes, a duster and swiffer handy for quick pick ups. If the house takes quite a while to sell it may become necessary to bring in a maid service for another standard cleaning.

Another very important aspect is to reduce clutter as much as possible. In a home that is on the market but is still being lived in by the family, this can be a challenge. Children must play and life goes on but having designated spaces to pack away toys where they are out of sight and making it easy for the family to keep the home neat will help with staging. To create space in easy to reach cupboards and storage areas, encourage the family to start packing early and prune those items they no longer need and store those they don’t use daily in boxes in the garage. Reducing the clutter gives the home a feeling of spaciousness which contributes to that emotional feeling you want your buyer to get.

Together with good house cleaning, neat and spacious rooms, a few little decor touches can add the flair and ambiance which will complete the staging of the home.

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If you are thinking about hiring a professional company to regularly clean your home, insurance should be a big concern.  You must ask your potential company about the type of insurance they have, and what it will protect you from.  Liability insurance is always a good thing, because it protects the client and the company equally.  If damaged occur to one's personal property liability insurance will handle it.

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A lot of money is invested when you buy a home and it surely is a disappointment if you are not able to take proper care of it due to your busy schedules. There are many house cleaning companies operating in the market today, who understand your needs and can help you in the process of keeping your house clean.

The life of a woman is getting busy these days and many a times it really gets difficult to manage each and every thing on her own. To ease off at least one of the burdens, you can take the help of a professional maid service offering company. These companies have employees who are experts in house cleaning and you can hire the maids from such companies based upon your requirements. You may require their services on special days, when you have organized a function or party at your house, or on a weekly or monthly basis. They can also hire a maid service to clean your house on a daily basis.

A maid service can help make your life a lot easier as they are professionals in the field. It is only a myth that these services are expensive and are only affordable to the rich. Nowadays, anyone can hire a professional maid service. The time that you might waste cleaning and making your house dirt free, can be invested in doing other productive tasks.

When you hire maid from a professional company, you can be sure of the services as well as you don't have to worry about the safety and security of your house. The house cleaning companies have maids whose backgrounds and other things have been thoroughly checked, this way you can be stress free about any theft from your house and also that no complete stranger is in your house to clean it.

A professional company has maids who are properly trained for the task and can do the task better than any individual maid you can hire.

It is not difficult to find a maid service in your area. You can either ask for recommendations from your friends or relatives or can also look through local directory or yellow pages. You can also check online for the companies offering maid service in your area. You can call them and ask for the kind of services they offer. You can take quotes from 2-3 companies before you finalize the company that can offer services that best suit your needs.

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